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Opel GT Seats

1. Back With Springs, front seat
2. Screw, front seat back (collar)
3. Cushion With Springs, front seat
4. Wire, front seat back tension
5. Wire, front seat tension
6. Wire, front seat (shaped)
7. Spring Buckle, trim cover on frame
8. Guide Rail, complete - outer
9. Guide Rail, complete - inner
10. Knob, seat back lever





0 #2 Admin - VisualOpel 2017-01-05 17:31
Mike - we don't sell any parts - this website if for informational purposes only. You may want to check with Opel GT Source, Opels Unlimited, or New Vintage Auto.
0 #1 Mike Robertson 2017-01-05 17:13
I have seat rails. Am in need of the seat frames. I can then have them filled with padding and covers.
Thank you,

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